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  • N. CA Insurance Defense Atty: Small Town/Big Opportunity with established firm
  • Principal/Partner
  • Manager/Principal
  • Personal Injury Attorney - Specializing in Mold Litigation
  • April 5 Presentation: Should I Stay or Should I Go? Job Changes in a Strong Employment Market
  • Opportunity to Support our Wounded Warriors: April 10 Golf Tournament in Irvine
  • Got UCLA Student Interns?
  • Executive/Personal Assistant to a Business Woman/Make Up Artist

We invite the Public to post service needs, questions or a requirement on the BP Exchange.


To qualify to become a BP Member, candidates must be seasoned professionals who are well established in a business, which may be reflected by a minimum of five (5) years of experience in your profession. The candidate must maintain an active UCLA Alumni Association Annual or Life Membership and demonstrate a strong affiliation with UCLA, which may be reflected by having obtained a degree from the University, attended UCLA for a minimum of two (2) years full-time, completed a professional certification through UCLA Extension or other University entities that are consistent with BP's mission, served as a faculty or staff member at the University, and/or being actively engaged with the University and its mission. The BP Membership Committee reviews all applications, and may decline membership to any applicant, who, in the Committee's discretion, may not benefit from participation in BP and may not benefit BP by being a member. Further, BP Members must complete their personal BP Professional Profile and post a compliant professional portrait on the BP website.

Mission Statement

The mission of Bruin Professionals ('BP') is to assemble a diverse group of UCLA Alumni who are well established in a profession or business and are willing to make a commitment to attend BP meetings. BP Members will have the opportunity through an organized format to develop relationships and expand their business activities by sharing referrals, resources, information, ideas and advice. BP will develop Bruin synergy and establish a venue through which Professional Alumni can become actively associated with UCLA and promote new business leads.


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