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Michael Anderson Securities/Private Money Management

  • Specialization: Corporate Retirement Services/Pvt Money Management
  • Executive Vice President
    Finestone Partners Independent RIA
  • ph. 310 432-7018
  • Member Glendale Chapter
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Joe Bryant Trust and Estate Administration

  • Specialization: Personal Trust Administration
  • Professional Fiduciary Services
    Bryant & Associates
  • ph. 310-839-0888
  • Member Century City Chapter
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Peter A. Collins Financial Planner, Financial Services

  • Specialization: Comprehensive Financial Planning
  • Certified Financial Planner
    Collins Financial
  • ph. 310-227-9818
  • Member Beverly Hills Chapter
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Joanne Crowley Financial Services

  • Specialization: Retirement Planning
  • Retirement Planning Specialist
    AXA Advisors, LLC
  • ph. 818-587-4271
  • Member Warner Center Chapter
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Andrew Dale Financial Services

  • Specialization: Recruiting
  • Partner
    New York Life
  • ph. 310-923-1300
  • Member Santa Monica Chapter
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Marcie Green Business & Legal Financing

  • Specialization: AcctsReceiv.Funding; Legal & Alternative Financing
  • Principal
    Sea-Green Financial Services
  • ph. 818-594-1272
  • Member Encino Chapter
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Bob Howe Residential Mortgage Finance

  • Specialization: Mortgage Advisor
  • Mortgage Advisor
    United American Mortgage Corporation
  • ph. 949-250-1300
  • Member Orange County Chapter
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Raymond Liden Pension Consultant

  • Specialization: Plan Design and Installation
  • President
    Liden Nestle Soled & Associates, Inc.
  • ph. 818-991-8817
  • Member Westlake Chapter
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Barbara Schwartz Consulting Retirement Actuary

  • Specialization: Retirement Plans
  • Principal
  • ph. 310-259-0552
  • Member Beverly Hills Chapter
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Allen Sheals Investments, Treasury, and Risk Management

  • Specialization: Foreign Exchange, Commodities and Rates

  • ph. 3108488372
  • Member Warner Center Chapter
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Joseph A. Wingard Financial Services

  • Specialization: Wealth Management
  • Vice President
    Merrill Lynch
  • ph. 310 858-4819
  • Member Beverly Hills Chapter
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To qualify to become a BP Member, candidates must be seasoned professionals who are well established in a business, which may be reflected by a minimum of five (5) years of experience in your profession. The candidate must maintain an active UCLA Alumni Association Annual or Life Membership and demonstrate a strong affiliation with UCLA, which may be reflected by having obtained a degree from the University, attended UCLA for a minimum of two (2) years full-time, completed a professional certification through UCLA Extension or other University entities that are consistent with BP's mission, served as a faculty or staff member at the University, and/or being actively engaged with the University and its mission. The BP Membership Committee reviews all applications, and may decline membership to any applicant, who, in the Committee's discretion, may not benefit from participation in BP and may not benefit BP by being a member. Further, BP Members must complete their personal BP Professional Profile and post a compliant professional portrait on the BP website.

Mission Statement

The mission of Bruin Professionals ('BP') is to assemble a diverse group of UCLA Alumni who are well established in a profession or business and are willing to make a commitment to attend BP meetings. BP Members will have the opportunity through an organized format to develop relationships and expand their business activities by sharing referrals, resources, information, ideas and advice. BP will develop Bruin synergy and establish a venue through which Professional Alumni can become actively associated with UCLA and promote new business leads.


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